Rape Culture:

A Revealing Report on the True Culture of Rape and Pillage! 


The common narrative put forth by mainstream media is that women are the victims of unwanted sexual advances by men. This assertion is accepted without dispute. But is the media misleading the public with a false narrative based on the feminist agenda? Our definition of rape in America has always been centered on white females. Is there more to the picture? In this controversial report, spiritual leader Qesankh Maa Kheperu dispels the myths about rape to reveal the true victims of this crime. More importantly, he exposes the hidden hands behind this idea that an actual culture of rape is pervasive in our society.


No one is sanctioning rape, but today the biggest demographic claiming to be the victims of rape are actually the most protected and privileged class ever. How did they reach this level of privilege? They attained wealth, social status, and protection under the law due to the very thing they claim to be victims of today—rape! Although their voices are the loudest, this report, the result of a deep-dive investigation, reveals that the true victims of these crimes have been repeatedly marginalized and silenced. You’ll see how Hollywood, mass media, and even the president are working hand in hand to promote this scheme.


But how can this be? The reason has its roots in the special interest groups who use covert social-engineering tactics to lead our civilization to act against its best interests. These groups use the plights of entire segments of society to push their evil agenda. They manufacture villains and victims where there are none. This distortion of the truth convinces the majority of our population to support ideals, groups, and erroneous terms to the death. These groups use brainwashing techniques that act on multiple levels, meaning they don’t need to force us to accept their ideas and philosophies because we willingly follow their whims all the way to our deaths.


This shocking report examines who created the idea of rape culture, what their mission was, and who the real victims are. The report does not just look at rape as it relates to women but examines the bigger picture in two methodical ways. First, it considers the global phenomena of rape and pillaging in relation to white male colonization of the planet. You will see what the impact has been on many indigenous people of color and how some societies have been exterminated. Next, the report looks at how the narrative of rape culture as defined by feminists was really created to manipulate the masses toward instituting a New World Order.


Be warned—this report will expose all, and leave you questioning everything you are told and the dominant cultural norms you follow. Don’t blindly follow the terms, ideas, and definitions of conventional thought because it just may lead you to a dark place from which you cannot return. Get the report now!



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